EiA650 Features

Intelligent Optical Smoke Alarms

Dust Compensation
Unique automatic dust compensation feature on all models automatically compensates for dust contamination or buildup while maintaining its sensitivity to smoke.

Insect Mesh
Ultra-fine insect mesh to reduce false alarms.

Alarm Memory
Records previous alarms in last 24 hours - Ideal for service technicians and troubleshooting.

Long Life Battery
Replaceable 3V CR123A batteries, option for 1 or 2 batteries.
Provides a low battery warning for up to 30 days.

Test + Silence
Large Test and Silence Button facilitates weekly testing of alarms and also allows nuisance alarms to be silenced for a 10 minute period before resuming normal operation.

Mounting Base
Easy to install mounting base requires just two screws. Can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Modular RadioLINK RF modules can easily be added enabling wireless RF communication and interconnect functionality.

RF Module

85dB(A) at 3 meters with soft horn ramp up feature under button test.

Low profile 4.53" (115mm) diameter – 1.77" (45mm) high.

AudioLINK provides event driven data such as battery voltage, alarm age, event history, sensor status and head removals via the sounder to a Smartphone app. Ideal for maintenance personnel.

Datasheet EiA650W

Datasheet EiA650iW